Meet the Editor

We have the privilege of having editors of prestigious journals joining ESB2023, including Aline Lueckgen, Nature Communications; Raghavendra Palankar, Nature Nanotechnology; and Matt Pavlovich, Trends in Biotechnology at Cell Press.

If you would like to illustrate them a paper proposal you might have, you can book a time slot. More information at the bottom of this page.

Besides the booked appointments, each participant will have the opportunity to spontaneously meet them and other editors from excellent journals at the conference.

Very few spots are still available for “Meet the Editor”. If you are interested please write us at

Aline Lueckgen

Aline Lueckgen is a senior editor on the biotechnology team at Nature Communications where she handles manuscripts on the topics of tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, drug delivery and biomedical devices. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in bioengineering at Rice University in the USA, followed by a Master’s degree in the same field at the EPFL in Switzerland, she completed her PhD at the Technical University in Berlin. In her doctoral work, she investigated the degradation behavior of alginate-based hydrogels for applications in bone regeneration. She looks forward to connecting with the ESB community in Davos.

Raghavendra Palankar

Raghavendra Palankar is an Associate Editor at Nature Nanotechnology. He is a Biochemical Engineer with a background in material sciences and technologies for single-molecule and single-cell manipulation with multidisciplinary training in basic and translational research.
Within the editorial team of Nature Nanotechnology, he handles a broad cross-section of manuscripts covering nanosensing, nano/micro-robotics, 3D/4D printing, bioelectronics, drug delivery platforms, DNA nanotechnology, synthetic biology that span all areas from nano to macroscales.
He is excited to be part of ESB2023 in Davos, and looking forward to meeting and connecting with the community.

Matthew Pavlovich

Matthew earned his BS in chemical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and his PhD in chemical engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, where he studied the biological effects of air plasmas. He studied analytical chemistry as a postdoctoral researcher at Northeastern University, then joined Cell Press at the start of 2016. Matt is a senior manager in the Trends group and has also worked in secondments as the product manager for Cell Press Community Review and as the acting editor-in-chief of STAR Protocols. Read more about Matt at and