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Sept 4th
Sept 5th
Sept 6th
Sept 7th
Sept 8th
MorningRegistration and exhibitor setupPlenary and parallel sessionsPlenary and parallel sessionsPlenary and parallel sessionsPlenary and parallel sessions
AfternoonYS SymposiumPlenary and parallel sessionsRun around the lake

Plenary and parallel sessions
Plenary and parallel sessionsFree
EveningWelcome Ceremony and ReceptionNetworkingYSF EventGala Dinner


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Program with sessions

Monday September 4th
14:00YSF Workshop
16:45Conference opening
André Studart
18:30Welcome Reception
Tuesday September 5th
Amir Zadpoor
09:00ESB JL Award
Miguel Castilho
09:45Coffee and posters
10:30Calcium phosphate from bone to nanomedicine
Matthias Epple
In vitro skin models
Gianluca Ciardelli
TERMIS-EU: from biomaterial design to regenerative applications
Antonella Motta
Biomaterials to implement vascularization in TERM
Andrea Banfi
Collaborations between Australasia and Europe: Biomaterials and biofabrication
Kristopher A Kilian
Tim Woodfield
Translating biomaterials
Bikramjit Basu
Zwitterionic biomaterials
Jie Zheng
12:00Rapid FireRapid FireRapid FireRapid FireRapid FireRapid FireRapid Fire
13:00Poster session A
Jill Helms
14:45Translation session co-organized by AODI
Anna Beltzung
Sensing cells and their microenvironments
Claudia Loebel
RSC lectureship supramolecular biomaterials
Eric Appel
Sustainable biomaterials research
Una FitzGerald
Korea-EU session: Smart healthcare materials and devices
Sei Kwang Hahn
Frontiers in biomineralization
Roland Kröger
In vitro models for preclinical testing: the road to market
Federico Vozzi
Silvia Scaglione
16:15Coffee and posters
17:00Translation session co-organized by AODI
Philip Procter
Dynamic self-assembling biomaterials
Mark W Tibbitt
Microscale materials for sensing and cell production
Julien Gautrot
Advances in bioprinting
Jeroen Leijten
Tissue engineering of the eye
Nasim Annabi
Function through nanosctructure
Silvia Marchesan
Multiscale bioceramics
Hala Zreiquat
18:30YSF Assembly
Wednesday September 6th
Tatiana Segura
09:00ESB GW Award
Marc Bohner
09:45Coffee and posters
10:30Engineering of complex in vitro models
Rui Reis
Musculoskeletal soft tissues
Jess Snedeker
Tissue-biomaterial biointerfaces: strategies to understand the integration
Peter Thomsen
One health experiences in research
Darrell Abernethy
Mario Barbosa
Drug delivery for tissue regeneration and ageing
Lino Ferreira
Implant biomaterials and coatings
Regine Willumeit-Römer
Photoresponsive hydrogels for biofabrication
Mina Petrovic
12:00Run around the lake. Group picture at 13:15. Start of the run at 13:30. Start of the walk at 13:40.
16:15FBSE Debate
Elżbieta Pamuła
Joao Mano
Geoff Richards
Minna Kellomakki
Biomaterials for muscle and cultivated meat
Decellularized matrix
Daniel Kelly
3D printing and self-assembly technologies
Aleksandr Ovsianikov
Nanomaterials for cancerESB-EORS: unmet challenges and new biomaterials in spine
Makarand Risbud
Anna Tampieri
Unconventional biomaterial approaches
18:00Rapid FireRapid FireRapid FireRapid FireRapid FireRapid FireRapid Fire
18:15Poster session B
19:15Dinner served at the conference centerYSF night out
Thursday September 7th
Jason Burdick
09:00ESB KdG Award
Joelle Amedee Vilamitjana
09:45Coffee and posters
10:45ESB GA
11:45Lunch and posters
12:45Engineering hydrogels to mimic tissue architecture
Mark Skylar-Scott
SSB+RM meets ESB: Biofabrication and biomaterials for next-generation microphysiological systems
Roger Kamm
Biologically inspired polymers
Marleen Kamperman
Biomaterials for infection management
Andreas Stavropoulos
BBCE - Scaffold for bone regeneration
Elżbieta Pamuła
Functional polymers
Michael Monaghan
Magnetic systems for regenerative medicine
Claire Wilhelm
14:30Advanced biofabrication techniques
Riccardo Levato
SSB+RM meets ESB: Programmable biomaterials
Maartje Bastings
Structured hydrogels for advanced 3D models
Tina Vermonden
Biomaterials for neural regeneration
Laura De Laporte
BBCE- MSCs and osteogenesis
John E. Davies
Extracellular vesicles bioengineering
Miguel Lino
Multimodal nanobiomaterials for TERM
Manuela Teresa Raimondi
16:00Coffee and posters
16:45SSB+RM meets ESB: Beyond the bench: translating research into clinics and industry
Florian Thieringer
Emerging biofabrication strategies for engineering bioactive tissue constructs
Joao Mano
Beyond the Earth's Horizon: Biofabrication in space
Lorenzo Moroni
Rodrigo Coutinho de Almeida
Synthetic biology and AI
Michael Levin
Functional biomaterials for musculoskeletal tissues regeneration
Kamal Mustafa
Advanced in vitro models: from organs-on-chips to advanced 3D architectures
Gianni Ciofani
18:15SSB+RM GA
19:30Gala Dinner Conference Center
Friday September 8th
08:45ISBF meets ESB: Advancing biofabrication with light-responsive biomaterials and technologies
Sandra Van Vlierberghe
Cell-Instructive polymers
Morgan Alexander
Orthopaedic biomaterials
Warren Grayson
Biologically active ion releasing biomaterials for tissue engineering
Elisabeth Engel
Advancing 3D cultures for bridging the in vitro - in vivo gap
Lia Rimondini
Immunomodulatory biomaterialsMicroneedles and probes
10:15Coffee and posters
11:00Int Award
Antonios G. Mikos
11:45Conference closing, student awards
12:30Lunch boxes

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